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Earn the Highest Possible Return From Your Property

When you count on us to sell your home, we will provide you with a full and accurate market analysis, effective marketing strategies, and selling solutions. We care about getting multiple offers so as to insure that you walk away with the highest possible price.

Call us for a free consultation. We can talk about general market conditions, the influence of banks and lending institutions on the sale price, the selling of your property, market evaluation as it applies to your property, your objectives and timeframe, pricing decision, customized market plan.

Home Valuation

The Services We Provide In a Real Estate Transaction

1. Convenience
2. Pre-qualified Buyers
3. Real Estate Networking System
4. Commitment of Service
5. Communication
6. Market Value
7. Prepare Purchase Agreement
8. Presenting Purchase Agreement
9. Negotiating
10. Process Accepted Agreement
11. Set-up Engineer Inspection
12. Follow-up with Results
13. Communicate with Client
14. Appointment with Mortgage Bank
15. Confirm Application Submission
16. Update Market Evaluation
17. Communicate with Buyer
18. Communicate with Agent
19. Set-up for Other Inspections
20. Counselor/Advisor
21. Interpreter of Market Conditions
22. Marketing Exposure
23. On-line Services

24. Price Reaction Reports
25. Act as Third Party
26. Marketplace Knowledge
27. Company Reputation
28. Negotiation Skills
29. Marketing Plan
30. New Market Evaluation
31. Meeting of the Minds
32. Counter Purchase Paperwork
33. Communicate with Lender
34. Meet the Engineer
35. Disclosure Laws
36. Communicate with Attorney
37. Follow-up with Buyer
38. Set-up Appraisal
39. Meet Appraiser
40. Follow-up Transaction Process
41. CO Procedures
42. Set-up & Meet Other Inspectors
43. Follow-up on Contract Concessions
44. Follow-up Showing Appointments
45. Final Walkthrough
46. Last Minute Details


*Plus additional services specific to your needs and objectives.

Home Valuation